Dynamic Thermal Modelling 

Dynamic Thermal Simulation and Analysis is a key factor in good construction design. The discipline covers a variety of requirements spanning building regulations compliance to thermal comfort assessments or reports to achieve BREEAM Credits.

Horizon hold CIBSE qualifications in Low Carbon Consultant Building Design, Low Carbon Consultant Simulation, and Low Carbon Energy Assessor EPC Level 5 to provide a full range of thermal modelling services including:

UK Building Regulations

Horizon provides design stage and as-built stage building regulations compliance reports integrated with holistic building services design consultancy.

  • Part L2A/B Calculations
  • Energy Performance Certificates (EPC)

Thermal Comfort Assessments

Energy efficiency in the UK has traditionally focussed on the heating season and has directed new construction towards well-insulated, impermeable buildings. However, this can lead to overheating issues during the summer if left unchecked. Early investigations using thermal analysis is crucial to ensure that occupant comfort is maintained all year round. 

Various assessments can be undertaken to drive the design including:

  • CIBSE TM52 for overheating risk in free running non-residential buildings
  • CIBSE TM59 for overheating risk in domestic and residential buildings
  • BB101 to evaluate ventilation, thermal comfort and indoor air quality in schools
  • PSPB to evaluate ventilation, thermal comfort and indoor air quality in schools under the Priority School Building Programme
  • CIBSE Guide A PMV / PPD for use in air-conditioned spaces

Building Load Calculations